Anastasia Avramidou

Anastasia Avramidou, participate on private and public building projects study, design, buill of quantities, material market research, coordination between all different engineering studies.

Yiannis Tsangaris

Yiannis Tsangaris as a member of METE SYSM scheme has been involved in the design of a large number of small to big scale projects of public and private sector, in architecture and infrastructure. As a freelance architect, before joining METE SYSM, Yiannis has undertaken a wide range of commissions in a multitude of scales, including housing, hospitality, restoration of listed buildings and infrastructure.

Christina Brozou

Christina Brozou is a member of METE SYSM architectural team, working on a variety of building projects ranging from shopping malls, hotels, health care and educational institutions to parkings.

Eleni Chalati

Eleni Chalati is engaged in a wide range of activities, including architectural and graphic design, multimedia and object design. In addition, she takes part in the art direction and development of services for many teams and companies. At METE SYSM, she participates in the design of commercial, hospitality and healthcare projects, she creates 3D models and visualisations, while focusing on development through the implementation of the BIM model.