Konstantinos Lefakis

Konstantinos Lefakis is an experienced designer and project manager of public and private sector projects. Beyond the above he has extended his career through organizing and promoting artistic events. He has been involved in drawing and graphic design. At the same time he worked on AUTH as a teacher of design. He has also written a great number of articles about art and published books.

Manos Tourpalis

Manos Tourpalis is one of the experienced in both design and management executives of the firm. Architect, with postgraduate studies in bioclimate architecture, he has participated, as a designer or/and project manager, in wide-ranging and numerous desings of small and large-scale public and private sector projects. Currently, as head of architectural projects dept, also deals with issues of general coordination, training, etc.

Ifigeneia Douka

Ifigeneia Douka is a founding member of the company and one of its most experienced executives. As a project manager she has been involved in a great number of public and private sector projects, concerning either design or project management. She has developed the ability to collaborate excellently with international offices and has successfully coordinated complex projects with international involvement.

Giorgos Karakostas

Georgios Karakostas is a member of the company and one of its experienced executives. He has been involved in the design of a large number of small to big scale projects of public and private sector, in architecture, sustainable design, urban regeneration and infrastructure, as senior architect and as project manager.

Faidros Avdis

Faidros Avdis is an architect and member of the company. He has participated in a wide range of public and private sector projects as a designer and project manager.

Katerina Badola

Katerina Badola has significant experience on integral technical services, starting from initial architectural design and planning, to general project coordination and down to construction monitoring services, during projects’ implementation phase. As senior architect and general coordinator in METE SYSM, she has taken over numerous large scale projects, for a great variety of special uses, such as shopping centers, hospitality, healthcare, administration complexes and urban spaces, along with all their support uses, in Greece and abroad.