Renal Dialysis Center

The architectural design concerns the construction of a new 34-bed Renal Dialysis Unit, on a plot of 11,797,57 sq. m., located in  Yfantes  Area of ​​Komotini Municipality, on the Komotini – Iasmos- Xanthi Provincial Road.

The main objectives of the design were the integration of the building to the size and shape of the plot, the compliance with regulations, technical specifications and the building program, the functionality in the organization of the various functions, the dynamic and contemporary aesthetic approach compatible with the use of the building as a health care facility and the independent access for service facilities.

Due to the size and shape of the plot, an elongated ground floor building of 1,178 sq. m. was designed, which is located parallel to the Provincial Road in the middle of the plot.

The internal arrangement is organized into three groups: reception areas, patient areas and facilities and ancillary areas. Reception and administration areas are arranged at the east end of the building, which corresponds to the location of the entrance to the plot, two 16-bed dialysis rooms are centrally located, each with support areas, while MEP areas, storages and  ancillary areas are placed at the west side of the building. The building has an indoor planted patio in combination with the waiting area, which brings natural light inside and creates a pleasant environment for staying during the summer period.

The central entrance is located on the south side facing the Provincial Road and includes a sheltered drop-off area.

The clear and comprehensible layout of the floor plan is the key component of the facades. Thus the facades of the building are organized on the basis of the simplicity and geometrical clarity of the volumes combined with the functional layout of the openings and sun protection elements. The aim of the proposal is to split the volume of the building and create four distinct volumes, which are emphasized both in ground level and in height, giving a dynamism to volume formation and emphasizing the public character of the building. The different aesthetic approach and the individual architectural interventions in the protruding volumes, such as the creation of a boxing frames for the openings, emphasize their importance and enhance the variety of facades.

Access to the plot is by the Provincial Road with a proper traffic connection configuration, in accordance with the regulations.

The landscape of the surrounding area includes 58 parking spaces (1 ambulance) on the east side of the building, an internal road network for servicing the building, pedestrian access and disabled access. Extensive green areas in front, behind and on the east side of the building are also provided, as well as in the perimeter of the internal road.